~~ What is a 'Virtual Assistant'? ~~
The traditional personal assistant now works on the net.

Just a few years ago, before the Internet became globally accessible by just about anybody with a computer, the only way someone could answer your correspondence, organize your schedule, administrate your office, work with you on marketing and document design, and keep everything organized for you, was if they were physically by your side.

Today, in our virtual world, more and more entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, and other professionals are using a 'virtual' secretary to perform those same traditional tasks, and more.

A VA can take administrative chores off your hands, freeing up valuable time you can spend marketing or serving your existing clients. And you'll rest easier too, knowing vital work is handled and your client list is up-to-date.

A VA can also save on employment costs: since VAs are small business owners, you don't have to pay things like employee taxes or benefits. They simply work from their own well-equipped office on your behalf.

At Smith Secretarial & Design, I want to know you, your business, and your clients. Why? Because in order to work effectively on your behalf, I need to understand you, your business practices, your target market, and your own special way of handling your clients. Essentially, besides working as your right hand, I also become an ambassador for your business, providing exceptional customer service and communications. My goal is to work alongside you as your business grows, ensuring I take excellent care of both you and your clients.

I understand that people can be uneasy about working virtually or "giving up" tasks to someone so far away. You may even be in the position of never having delegated to anyone before. Rest assured you'll be in good hands. I maintain the strictest of confidentiality with respect to all aspects of your business.

Remember, whether you're in the same city or across the continent, I will work as closely with you as if you were in the office down the hall.

I have a reputation for handling our clients and their materials with utmost respect and care - check out the testimonials on our website.

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